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There are many automotive shop management computer software programs, from the days of MS DOS, and even early versions of Windows that are no longer supported. If you have chosen to upgrade your system to Mitchell, we can help you convert your old data to the newer format.

Database Conversion

Preparing your database, it's best to go through your current database and clean it up. In preparation for us to convert it to the Mitchell system.

What we need from you

A copy of the database you want to convert.

What you need

Mitchell Manager, Mitchell Manager Plus or the new Mitchell Manager SE

What we will do

We will convert as much customer data as possible over to your new Mitchell Manager or Mitchell Manager Plus database.

We usually request approximatly 72 hours, 3 business days to complete this conversion.


You'll need to send us a copy of the database you want converted, we have provided an ftp site so that you can drop off your database. Contact us for the login details you'll need.

ftp login credentials required: Upload File

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