Authorized 3rd Party Developer for
I T Contractor
Telephone: 1-604-818-7006

  • I customize Mitchell Manager, Manager Plus & Shopkey Reports
  • And now the new, Manager SE
  • Invoice, Counter Sale, Estimate, Tech Worksheets, Month End Statements
  • Most Manager, Manager Plus, Manager SE or Shopkey Reports can be customized
  • I can add your shop logo graphic to your Mitchell or Shopkey Reports...
  • I can custom tailor just about any report to your needs.
What is Mitchell Manager

Mitchell1 Mitchell Manager, Manager Plus & Mitchell Manager SE is an automotive shop management computer software program used in many of the busiest and most successful automotive repair facilities in North America. It is well supported with many thousands of automotive shops around north america using this computer program to keep up to date with what's going on in their shop.

Combined with other computer software (Mitchell Estimator 'the labour guide' and Mitchell OnDemand5 'technical reference manuals'), these programs make doing business in your shop, easier, and quicker, than the old style pen and paper work order on 3 carbon copies.

Manufacturers recommended maintenance is at your finger tips for your customers vehicle.

Your customers vehicle maintenance history is at your finger tips. No need to wade through filing cabinets to find the last time your customer was in for service.

Updating and completing work orders has never been easier.

Order Parts on the same screen as the work order! No telephone calls to the Parts Department or Part Vendor!

Who am I

Mike Clarke
I T Contractor
#210 - 161 West 4th Street
North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1H6

Telephone: 1-604-818-7006
by email, use the contact form


Since 1998 I have worked with a number of (Multi-User) Mitchell software installations on behalf of a number client automotive maintenance and repair facilities.

John Dwulet of Mitchell has authorized me, as an experienced professional, to develop extra's for your Mitchell software installation.

Mitchell1 Manager/ManagerPlus report enhancements:

Shop graphic(s) logo added to any report. Embed your business tax number (Hst/Gst/State Tax Number) into the invoice and counter sale report. Technician worksheet, Repair order report modifications to your specifications. Invoices, Estimates any report can be customized to your specifications. Custom follow up reports and more. View a few samples that I have created for shops around North America.

Technican's worksheet customization is very popular, we can add a variety of fields that your techs can use for vehicle inspections. See the samples.

Database Conversion

Old Dos flat db files -> Into Mitchell Manager
Other database files -> Into Mitchell Manager

Rates for database conversion vary depending on complexity.


Authorized Mitchell1 3rd party developer. Developing solutions for your Mitchell software. Linux Certified Network/Server Administrator


Experience as Auto Shop Manager/Service Advisor Computer Engineer Head of Technical support department for ISP ISP network admin, providing email, web hosting. Working with automotive shops around North America remotely.

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