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How to request your custom reports.

What we need from you
  1. Take a close look at the document(s) that you want to customize.
  2. Tell us what the document id is, it's a small letters and numbers located on the report, at the lower right hand corner of the document. See our sample located on the lower right side of this page, Note the RED circled document ID located at the bottom of the sample report document.
  3. Scan or create a sample of your document and upload a pdf or jpg image of what you want.
  4. Contact us by email or at the number above to discuss your needs.
  5. If your requesting a graphic to be embedded into your report, than please send / upload your high resolution graphic image. This can be done by registering on this site and using the upload files option located under MY ACCOUNT.
    We can create a graphic for you, there will be additional charges for graphic creation.
  6. Questions? Please use the contact form to send us your question.
What you need
  1. The shop graphic logo you want embedded into your documents.
  2. A black and white or colour printer, (your choice)
  3. Of course we can embed a colour graphic, if you have a black and white printer, it will print black and white.
  4. If you email your documents in the form of a PDF and the recipient has a colour printer, it will print your graphic in colour.
  5. A program to create PDF's if you want to email these to your customers.
What you get (A typical custom job usually includes)
  1. The customized version of documents you request changed.
  2. An easy to use custom report installer.
  3. A custom how-to PDF document.
  4. An account here to download your custom files.
  1. How much is it? It's custom, so the price depends on the complexity of your request.
  2. We would want to discuss your needs so that we can provide a quote.
  3. A 50% payment to begin work, 50% upon completion.
  4. Payment can be made by company cheque.
  5. Or by Paypal.
  6. USA customers I recommend Paypal if your in a hurry.

Use this link to contact us, or call me directly at the number above to discuss your needs.

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