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Mitchell Manager, Manager Plus to version 5.9 and Manager SE to version 6.4, custom reports

Your Custom Reports File Pack Contents:
  1. The custom report files you have requested
  2. Your custom report installer.
Custom Report File Installation:
  1. Uncompress your report pack to a folder of your choice
  2. Run the report installer to install custom reports on the computer your standing at.
    1. Multi-user Tip:
    2. Multiuser Install to a folder named 'M1CustomReports' or one of your choice located on your host server
    3. Run the report installer on your workstations from the folder on your host server.
  3. Repeat the installation process on each workstation you want to use your custom reports on.
  4. After the installation has completed, you may now print using your new Manager custom reports.
Mitchell Program Updates:

After you perform a Mitchell software update, you will have to re run the report installer to reinstall your custom reports.

Software Version Note:

Custom Reports for Mitchell Manager version 5.9 are not compatible with Mitchell Manager SE version 6.4

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